Parents, Grandparents and Friends, the game "Drive and Survive," is the most important Christmas gift you will ever buy for your loved ones.

We're proud to mention we have a crew of supervised disabled workers we fit in our production where ever we safely can, who are paid fairly.

Drive and Survive is a fun, family oriented board game that helps adolescents, teens, parents, and grandparents to learn safe driving habits and the rules of the road.

It uses short anecdotes based on real-world driving habits, mistakes and dangers that we all face every day.

It brings family members together to improve their safety knowledge, remind them of dangers and risks of driving, and share real-life stories that we each experience on the road.

Buy this game today for only $24.95 plus shipping and handling.

First Edition Available Now!
Until the first production run is exhausted!
Drivers' poor judgement is almost always the cause of automobile accidents.
Playing Drive and Survive automatically teaches the players better judgement and understanding of the rules of the road.